Crambe Repetita #164

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Lighght - Gore​-​Tex In The Club, Balenciaga Amongst The Shrubs

Not many electronic music records begin with a libretto, but Gore-Tex is like few electronic music records I’ve heard. The PR description says the album is “painted in bright psychedelic strokes from broken techno, weightless trance and mutated Irish Traditional music” and that actually captures what’s happening here pretty well. There’s a few electronic producers right now that are bringing traditional folk music from the UK into their music (Efdemin, Shackleton). Is this a thing? Probably not. But I wouldn’t be sad if it were. Either way, after a few listens, I’m confident in saying you won’t hear anything like Gore-Tex this year.


50 States. 50 Photos.

This is pretty cool, but the fact that the states explode on your screen when you get one right is even cooler.


"Is There a Man In That Couch?"