Crambe Repetita #120

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Altered Images - Think That It Might

Wish I had a summer-vacation-at-the-lake montage video to watch while this was playing. (I’m thinking a slow motion wave, created by a jet ski, for some reason?)


Roots Music Becomes a Major Player in Video Games

Fascinating to see the level of care put into Red Dead Redemption and other games like it. (Easier when you got the money, surely, but impressive nonetheless.)

If you look closely… you’ll see their fingers actually tracking the music, so it looks like they’re really playing. This blew me away when I first saw it, never having imagined that a game studio would use motion capture technology on folk musicians playing banjo, fiddle, concertina, and other folk instruments. Smith confirmed that the studio filmed him and others while recording to get the fingerings right, and he and others donned motion capture suits for specific scenes as well.


One of the final photographs taken of Joseph Beuys

He was so photogenic, you couldn’t really take an uninteresting picture of him.